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Choosing Your Location When Home Shopping

The location of your new home will do just as much, if not more, for the future value of your investment as the house itself.  It also affects your everyday life.  Keep these things in mind when choosing your location. Geography There are many aspects to take into consideration when choosing your future location.  Geographically, […]

Not All Rates Are Created Equal

The rise of interest rates this year ushered in more and more loan options, news articles and conversations about where rates stand and where they are going. It’s easy to read or hear something with a number like 4%, 5%, 6%. One number doesn’t tell the whole story, whether it’s in the media or when […]

The Value of a Second Opinion

The value of a second opinion has a real dollar amount. This is the story of a real client’s second opinion and why it can be critical to talk to more than one lender when shopping for a mortgage. We want to start by thanking Stephanie Olson for allowing E5 Home Loans the opportunity to […]

Clues About the Condition of the House

Things You Should Look For When Shopping For a Home Before looking at houses, decide if you’re willing to make any major repairs that might be needed, such as structural, roofing, or plumbing.  Pay attention to clues on the condition of the house before even placing an offer or get an inspection done.  Maintenance issues […]

The E5 Zero-Zero Offer

As you might have guessed from “Zero-Zero,” you get something for nothing. And you’re right.  At E5, we believe in shopping your home loan for the best fit loan program with a great interest rate. Most important, we don’t include a bunch of crazy fees. The value of a second opinion A homebuyer recently contacted […]

No Appraisal Cost Purchase Loans

That’s right, no appraisal cost on a purchase. Now through March 31, 2022, we’re offering homebuyers up to a $600 credit towards the appraisal on a primary home purchase. With E5 Home Loans, we shop to ensure buyers get the best fit loan program with a great interest rate available. And we don’t include a […]