The GetReady phase may only take a few minutes or months. Preparing for a home loan and the home buying process will save time, save money, and reduce stress.

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The focus during the Shop phase should be on finding a home that fits your needs, respects your budget, and puts a smile on your face!

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The Buy phase should not be filled with stress about your home loan.  Appraisal, home inspection, planning initial home improvements, setting up utilities, and planning the move are the things that should occupy attention.

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My first career over 2 decades ago was as a high school math teacher.  I love that I was able to take my love of teaching and numbers to a career that impacts families as much as a good teacher does.

A passion to help others buy a home and clearly understand their options and the loan process drive me everyday to give clients an exceptional customer experience while treating everyone with dignity, respect & kindness.


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