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How to Get Interior Design on a Budget

Whether you just bought a home or decided to stay in your existing home, some interior design is in order. You want to remodel; you want to repaint, but you could use some advice. We’ve got some tips ...

Plumbing Tip: Check Water Supply Lines

Every toilet and sink in your home has water supply lines that connect to the home’s freshwater system. A toilet will have one supply line and every sink has two – one for hot and one for cold. ...

5 Ideas to Improve Summer Outdoor Living

In addition to rinsing the dust and debris off the pavers and cleaning up tables and chairs, consider some of these ideas to maximize your summer outdoor living experience. 1 | Do something shady Adding extra shade can ...

Rate Increase by Fed of 0.25%

What does Fed Rate Increase Mean for Mortgage Rates? Not much now. This week saw the first rate increase by the Federal Reserve, as they raised their key interest rate by a quarter point for the first time ...

The 13-Day Refinance

“What a great experience we had with E5 Home Loans! …Our loan closed in 13 days! Lower rate – lower payment – lower closing costs…That’s what I’m talking about!” – Lori S.