How to Get Interior Design on a Budget
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Published on June 14, 2022
Interior design on a budget

How to Get Interior Design on a Budget

Whether you just bought a home or decided to stay in your existing home, some interior design is in order. You want to remodel; you want to repaint, but you could use some advice. We’ve got some tips and resources to get design help when you’re on a tight budget.

It’s easy to get lost in endless possibilities. Start by spending quality time researching your project.

Look at some dream houses

You can find them online, or in person.  Go check out some open houses in affluent neighborhoods. Many are professionally staged and can inspire ideas that you can “borrow.”  There are also friends, at least the ones with good taste. When I had to pick paint colors for my home, I literally used colors from two different houses that my friends owned. It was great to see the actual color on a house, rather than just throwing up a swatch.

Among the websites that get high reviews is Houzz, created by a couple who were remodeling their home and struggling to go through stacks of magazines and torn-out pages to make choices. The site is a great place to find the style of kitchen or bath you want. Another favorite of homeowners is Pinterest. It’s very easy to collect whole notebooks of rooms that you wish belonged to you.

Start getting quotes for the job

Make sure you are asking for more than just what different versions of the room may cost. Ask how long they will take to start and complete. Factor in product availability and lead time. There are countless stories of supply chain issues, so you may have to prioritize your wish list versus availability.

Another cost-efficient way to remodel, of course, is by keeping the same footprint for a bathroom or kitchen and stick to changing the surfaces and/or cabinets.

If you have a limited budget, you probably want quotes from businesses that offer full-service design, building and remodeling. You can show these contractors photos of some ideas you have in mind. Then they can tell you what works and what doesn’t. Often with larger jobs, remodelers will bring in a designer to do a consultation before starting the project.

The time you spend screening contractors is time well-spent. It will pay big dividends and help you avoid remodeling nightmares. We recommend you consult Rosie’s Consumer Guide on Choosing a Contractor.

Furnishings with low-cost and even free ways to get advice from the experts

Many retailers offer free design services, some without a commitment to purchase. Some might have a nominal fee that can go towards products, and some only require an in-store visit prior. They send an expert to your home or work with photos of your room and the dimensions.  They provide recommendations and some even do renderings of suggested items in your space. Here are a few to consider:

West Elm

Pottery Barn

Ethan Allen

Crate & Barrel


Paint Consultations and Renderings

If you’re repainting and worried about colors, you may be able to get low-cost consultations in your home to discuss not just colors but also the type of paint to use inside and outside your home. If you’re really starting from scratch, take a quiz to find your color ID at Sherwin-Williams.

Certain stores offer an in-home color consultation for a fee and will give you a gift card that can go toward paint. Some Dunn-Edwards services include sending in photos, then a consultant renders your home in colors and combinations that you chose.

There are even online options where you can upload photos of your room or house and “paint” it with various colors. Or download an online room visualizer to your phone, like the one from Pittsburgh Paints.

Most paint companies sell small samples of paint at low cost that you can try out at your house. You’ll want to paint three or four large squares on multiple walls to get a better idea of what will work and what won’t. Do it over several days to find out how the colors change at night and in sunlight. Be advised, however, that when you paint that room, the color will change all over again. Even more reason, perhaps, to get professional help.

For larger projects, hiring a professional designer may be the ticket. We’ll save that for another article because these are tips for interior design when you’re on a budget. When you do get that major overhaul, contact E5 Home Loans to explore cashout refinance loans to help re-invest your home’s equity to help it continue to grow your investment.

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source: Rosie On The House