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Making an Offer – Part 2 Contingencies

Conditional/Contingent Offers You’ve made an offer and negotiated a purchase price, so it’s time to learn about the contingencies that impact a home purchase contract.  When you make an offer, you might make a conditional or contingent offer.  This means that your offer is only valid if another condition is met.  Common contingencies include passing […]

What is Mortgage Protection Insurance?

When you close a loan, don’t be surprised to see your mailbox explode with Mortgage Protection Insurance (MPI) offers. These offers follow closing on a new home purchase, a refinance, or even a Home Equity Line of Credit. So, what is Mortgage Protection Insurance, and why do homeowners get all these solicitations? Who is sending […]

Getting Pre-Qualified/Pre-Approved to Buy a Home

What is Pre-Approval/Pre-Qualification? A Pre-Qualification letter is one of the most important documents you need when shopping for a home.  Some real estate agents will not even show you houses without one. Certain states require buyers to have one submitted with a purchase offer.  E5 Home Loans helps explain the difference between a “pre-qualification” and […]

House Shopping Tips

Here are some quick shopping tips to help make the process easier This is the fun part where you and your real estate agent will look at homes.  It is easy to get overwhelmed during this part of the process, so there are a few things you can do to make the process easier. Deciding […]