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Under Contract – What’s Next?

Once your house is under contract, the loan process gets going.  It can be a stressful time to try and keep track of everything while packing up your things and preparing to move.  Here are a few things to know and keep you organized throughout the process: Earnest Money (EM) When the contract terms are […]

The Changing Housing Market & Economy

It’s an interesting time to be in the real estate & finance business. You know, “interesting” as the word you use to be polite. Wink, wink.  Where the market is today in relation to housing supply and demand, as well as where interest rates are isn’t an abnormal situation. It just feels shockingly different today. […]

Choosing Your Location When Home Shopping

The location of your new home will do just as much, if not more, for the future value of your investment as the house itself.  It also affects your everyday life.  Keep these things in mind when choosing your location. Geography There are many aspects to take into consideration when choosing your future location.  Geographically, […]

Plumbing Tip: Check Water Supply Lines

Every toilet and sink in your home has water supply lines that connect to the home’s freshwater system. A toilet will have one supply line and every sink has two – one for hot and one for cold.  Plumbing experts encourage homeowners to inspect and replace older, outdated water supply lines sooner than later.  Here’s […]

Not All Rates Are Created Equal

The rise of interest rates this year ushered in more and more loan options, news articles and conversations about where rates stand and where they are going. It’s easy to read or hear something with a number like 4%, 5%, 6%. One number doesn’t tell the whole story, whether it’s in the media or when […]